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The Sebamed products and background information

  • Sebamed were the first company to identify and pioneer the pH 5.5 healthy skincare balance.
  • To justify the claim medical skin care, Sebamed products are developed in co-operation with dermatologists and pharmacists
  • Sebamed is a in the top 100 ‘Superbrands’
  • The range is exported to over 60 countries worldwide
  • All products are clinically tested and these tests are published and can be downloaded from this website. There has been over 150 scientific studies
  • Sebamed is a family company based in Boppard Germany, formed in 1952 by Dr Heinz Maurer. Sebamed is still to this day a family business based in Boppard, Germany and run by Dr Maurer and his sons.
  • Under the supervision of Dr. Joachim Gottfreund 18 qualified specialists – cosmetic chemists, microbiologists, process technicians, assistant chemists and technical/pharmaceutical assistants, ensure that Sebapharma constantly launches new products which follow highest medical requirements
  • Sebamed has been available in the Uk for over 12 years
  • Sebamed is exported to over 60 counties and is in the top 100 Superbrands worldwide.
  • No Sebamed products leave the factory until they have undergone thorough dermatological testing.

Our company

We are a company offering online purchase of the Sebamed range of body and skin care products. With products in multiple categories catering for all members of the family we believe you’ll find something to suit you.

Our team

Our operations are coordinated from our Seaton office.

COYO Products

For further information or if you are having problems you can call 07815005194. Retail orders can only be placed online.

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